Who we are


Our experienced design & build teams share information, ideas and experience throughout our business – helping you benefit from our experience, knowledge and skills.

Henstaff has a selection of people who have worked on a vast array of projects, who can help you and your design team by providing  design solutions and value engineering at every stage of the contract. We offer a flexible solution and can develop the complete design of the project from inception, or from your own pre-prepared specifications.

Our construction site staff work seamlessly with our design support and management teams, building efficiency and quality into the project. Collaborative working extends into the construction phase, promoting a smarter way to work for the entire project team, from client to site.

We are not content with just handing over a project. We strive to ensure that the project has a flawless delivery. We aim and expect to have zero defects, and all documentation and certificates on handover, ensuring client satisfaction.