What we do

As a repeat customer, Henstaff Construction have carried out over £7m of upgrade projects at Cardiff University Hospital. The common themes were; restricted access, large services content, asbestos removal and the need to minimise disruption whilst working in a live hospital environment. The projects included:-

Urology Department.  Refurbishment and extension, new theatre, 50 person waiting room, offices and ancillary rooms.

Theatre 6.  General refurbishment and M&E replacement.

Cardiac Catheter Laboratory. Alteration and refurbishment to produce a new laboratory and cardiac catheter operations suite including X-ray precautions.

Ultrasound Decant & New Students Accomodation. Conversion of undercrofts and service voids to produce new office space, including asbestos removal.

Cancer Therapy Services. Further development of underecrofts to produce high quality office space.

Glamorgan House conversion to Dermatology. Fast track conversion of bedrooms to office accommodation in a busy Dermatology Department.

Dental Hospital Window Replacement. Replacement of all windows in the fully occupied and operational five storey building. The work included asbestos removal at each window.

SAC4 Conversion. Further undercroft conversion to offices. A very restricted site beside the busy A&E entrance.

Refurbishment of Heamatology. Major internal and high level external alteration and refurbishment including substantial M&E.

Womens Services Review Phase 1, £1.1m. Internal reorganisation and refurbishment in the Assisted Reproduction Unit.

Lakeside Building. 1st stage fit out in roof space.

Quality Assurance Laboratory Llanishen, £700k. Conversion of industrial unit to a laboratory and offices including a mezzanine floor.