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London Marathon

Date Posted: 27 April 2017

London Marathon Journey

After going to London supporting the marathon with my running club last year (2016) , I decided that I wanted to run this event the following year (2017) , it was really hard to get in as you have to enter a ballot, and 2017 saw a record number of 250,000 people registering an interest.. Plan B into operation, I had supported Crisis for a number of years and had, had some information on one of their news letters that they had spaces for the Marathon and were looking to recruit for their team, I filled in the application form and waited…In October ( the London Ballot results) were out, rejection!,  fingers crossed for charity space, yay accepted , I felt really lucky as it’s not easy to get in and then realised to run for such a good cause felt really privileged.


Crisis is a homeless charity and helps people back into homes with various schemes in operation, it also campaigns locally and nationally for the changes needed to solve it altogether.


I had to raise funds for the charity as a condition of the team space, and I am very  lucky  to have a very generous & kind employer who has sponsored me £ 750.00 taking me just over my target.

-Julie Davies